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Please note that I am no longer accepting home staging projects. However, I can confidently recommend susan hendrickson as a home stager who will service you well! susan studied with me and worked with me for several years, and has now formed her own company, susan staging sunshine. contact susan here: susanstagingsunshine.com.


Staged Homes will often sell faster and/or for more money than homes that are not staged. Why? A home that has been staged by an Accredited Staging Professional will convey the emotional message to a prospective buyer that says ‘I am ready for you to move right in…you can visualize yourself in this house!

I see the interior of many, many homes for sale in the Greater Fort Myers area, and I also see the buyer’s reaction to them as we tour the home. The more ‘stuff’ a home has in it…furniture, photographs, collections, nic-nacs, odds and ends…you get the idea…the more distracting it can be for the buyer to clearly see the house itself.



I also see how buyers react to a home that is furnished appropriately for the size and room function, with a few low key,  decorative accents and as much open space as possible. You know what? There is always a positive reaction to a home like this.

The reason is simple. There is nothing that gets in the way of the buyer being able to see this house as their own home.

Vacant homes always need Home Staging to create a positive emotional response from buyers, as well as show them how the rooms and spaces can function with furniture in them. Most buyers can’t visualize and end up going on to the next listing, unfortunately.



Home Staging Living Room


kitchen nook after



Let Me Tell You How I Work…

Candi Randolph



…I Stage With Style!

My staging philosophy is unique! I stage your home with the style that best suits the location, exterior and interior finishes.

Your home will have a unique and stylish presentation that will immediately attract the attention of a potential buyer, not overwhelming them with an overabundance of furniture, or be so boring that they don’t even see the beauty of the space. Instead, I create the most attractive setting that will allow them to envision themselves living in this awesome residence.


Staging Services I  Offer

Verbal Consultation

For the Do-It-Yourself home seller who would like some guidance and direction, is budget conscious & willing to put the effort into staging their home.

I will tour your entire home with you, inside and out, and offer recommendations on how you can prepare your home for sale. A ‘Walk-and-Talk’ consultation that will be most effective if you as the home seller take lots of detailed notes!

Recommendations can include paint color choices, minor home repairs, landscape cleanup, furniture editing, furniture rearrangement and packing recommendations.

 Allow 2 hours for the appointment; longer if the home is more than 2,000 sq.ft.

Written  Consultation

This is another service for the do-it-yourself home seller who wants a much more specific home staging plan. This consultation is also quite cost effective and full of useful, written information.

I will tour your entire home, inside and out, take pictures and prepare a detailed Written Staging Plan outlining my recommendations for staging your home. This plan will include staging tips for individual rooms, furniture arrangement suggestions, paint color recommendations, preferred vendors and much more.

At no additional cost to you, included with this service is the “Guide to Preparing Your Home for Sale.” This guide is packed full of  information such as helpful moving checklist, home showing instructions, staging tips, open house success tips, and much more.

Owner Occupied/Furnished Home Staging

The first step of this service is the Verbal Consultation as detailed above, concentrating on clean up of the interior and exterior, minor home repairs and paint colors.

Once all recommendations have been completed, I will return to the home to professionally stage it,  inside and out,  focusing on the key living areas of the home. The key living areas typically include, the Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen and Master Suite. Other areas of the home will be reviewed and minor staging completed as needed.

With client approval I may add rental furnishings and/or accessories to complete the staged presentation.


Vacant Home Staging



Perfect for new construction,  investors, or for homeowners who have moved out of their residence.

I will preview the home, making note of what furniture and accessories are needed to give your vacant home a welcoming, lived in feel.

I will choose items from my inventory as well as furniture rental companies that I partner with, that will create the “lifestyle” that buyers can envision themselves living in. I can stage the entire home, the key living areas, or just a few rooms. I can do as little or as much as you like!


Do It Yourself Home Staging

Sometimes it is necessary, or preferred to handle your own staging project. I understand. Now you can learn from me with my new blog, StagetheNest.net. Step by step, I’ll show you how I create a memorable home for sellers. Yes, it is Home Staging Made Easy for you!




Need a bit more information to feel comfortable with Vacant Home Staging?

Take a look at this helpful video from the Real Estate Staging Association,

one of the national Home Staging organizations I am associated with: 




Which Home Staging Service Best Suits Your Project?

If your home is occupied and furnished, and you’re not sure what type of Home Staging Service would best suit your needs, I’ll be happy to talk with you and see the home, with no cost or obligation to you.

If your home or listing is vacant, I will preview the home with your permission, and prepare a no cost, no obligation proposal for Home Staging at that location.

We can discuss my staging services in more detail and I’ll help you determine how to proceed.

My services include all of the Fort Myers area, Cape Coral, Estero, Bonita Springs, Naples, Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel, Captiva, Marco Island and Punta Gorda. If your home is located in a different area I would be happy to discuss that with you as well.


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