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Home Staging can help you sell your home more quickly and for more money – you will have an edge over the competition because your home will be beautifully presented, inside and out!

Home Staging Project in S. Fort Myers, FL

This is a lovely pool home with gulf access in S. Fort Myers. The owners have moved on to their new residence and this home needed some attention in order to show prospective buyers how the main living areas would look. Many buyers have a difficult time visualizing how a home will look with furnishings in it.

Home before staging 2The Living Area did not present a positive first impression as a prospective Buyer entered the home.

Living Room After Home Staging      Now when entering the home a prospective Buyer sees a beautiful view of the Lanai and pool, soft unobtrusive window treatments and just enough furniture to demonstrate the function of the space.

Home before staging 2Dining Area before Home Staging

Dining Room After Home StagingAfter Home Staging the Dining Area is inviting

home before staging 3The Family Room is laid out well and includes the Kitchen and a Nook as well as this seating area. The big black empty spot on the wall was not a good focal point.

Family Room After StagingNow the Family Room is pleasant and inviting, with a positive ‘TV’ image as part of the arrangement.

home before staging 4View of the Kitchen from the Family Area before home staging

Family Room After Home Staging

Warm and inviting, there is now a style presented that flows with the rest of the home’s finishes without being overdone or cluttered.

Living and Dining Areas After Home Staging

View of the Living and Dining Areas after Home Staging

Family Room After Home Staging

View of the Family Room after Home Staging

Kitchen after Home StagingSome simple decorative and functional accents in the Kitchen area.

Dining and Living area after Home StagingAnother view of the Living and Dining areas after Home Staging

Fort Myers Beach Home Staging Project

This is a beautiful island home in Fort Myers Beach that I staged and then sold for the homeowners.

The home was sold furnished and had some great pieces, but it needed some editing and rearranging…that’s where home staging comes in!

Living Room before home stagingThe Living Room was pleasant but a bit unbalanced

Living Room after home staging

Living  Room after home stagingWe took out a couple of pieces, did some editing of accessories, moved some tables around and the result was a more cohesive look

Living Area after home staging

Here are a couple of additional Living Area views after Home Staging was done.

Dining Room before Home StagingThe Dining Area had a bit too much going on

Dining Room after home stagingClean and simple with the table set, the Dining Room is looking great!

Hallway before home stagingThe Hallway had two console tables close together with some misc. decor around

Hallway after home stagingWe moved one of the console tables into the Living area, did some editing and rearranging to create a nice, open look

Family Room before home stagingGround level Family Room had lots of potential

Family Room after home stagingSome editing and rearranging created a pleasant and inviting space

This lovely island home was listed, sold and closed in less than 90 days!

What type of Home Staging Project do you have?

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Here are some photos, courtesy of www.StagedHomes.com, that will give you a very good illustration of how staging a home can make a substantial difference in how it is perceived by a potential buyer.

Notice that in some cases the room was painted, or a specific area was given some color, such as the wall behind the shelving in the Family Room photos.

Most often, furnishings are rearranged, pieces are brought in from other areas of the home, and accessories are changed out or drastically minimized. 

Sometimes a room does not have enough furnishings to present a complete and cohesive idea of the function. Prospective buyers should not have to visualize how a room can be utilized…Staging shows them! This allows the buyer to see themselves living in the space with no distractions or stumbling blocks.


If you are considering the sale of your property, I would love to help you by staging your home to sell it as well as list the home as your Realtor. I can provide both services or just one, I am happy to help you either way.

Is your home currently on the market and you are not receiving offers? Let’s get together and talk about the difference home staging can make!

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